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  1. Hi there I just came across your blog site and thought it was a great way to keep this spirit of reading going with children. I just finished reading a new book from Amazon kindle not sure but you might be interested in as well it’s called “Detective Gypsy Holmes Meowtastic Adventures” it was available on Amazon website.

    Great blog!!

    • Hi, Hannah. So glad you found us. Thanks for your generous comment and book recommendation. We certainly do appreciate you stopping by and are looking forward to checking out this book. It seems to be a very interesting read. Thank you for recommending it, and please do stop by again.

  2. Hello. I see your book of the month relates to bullying. If you are interested in a softer look at this topic, I just released a children’s picture book called Dust Fairy Tales: Absolutely Aggie. Aggie’s story takes a lighthearted look at the compelling desire kids have to fit in. The story validates the need kids feel for acceptance, while imparting a subtle message about the joy that can come from embracing one’s individuality. Reading it with your child presents a great opportunity to discuss these situations with him/her. I am happy to send you an electronic or print review copy for consideration.

    Thanks so much,

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