30 Fantastic Fall Books for Kids

Fall Books 6

The changing of seasons is a great opportunity to get kids excited about new and different kinds of books. Summer is slowly fading away as autumn is fast approaching. We have compiled 30 fantastic fall favorites to help get your kids into the fall spirit.

These books will help them experience the scent, sight, touch, sound, and taste of the beauty of autumn through books the scent of pumpkin spice and apple pies; the sight of brightly colored leaves; the touch of cool, crisp autumn breeze; the sounds and whispers of migrating geese; the taste of mouthwatering candy corns and other fall treats; and much more. Hope your young readers will enjoy reading these fall books as much as ours have.

As always, we love hearing your thoughts on books. You may leave a comment or two about these books or other books that are on your kids’ fall reading list.

The Biggest Apple Ever (Author) Steven Kroll (Illustrator) Jeni Bassett (Ages 4-8)

The Apple Tree Pie (Author) Zoe Hall (Illustrator) Shari Halpern (Ages 4-8)

I Love Fall (Author) Alison Inches (Illustrator) Hiroe Nakata (Ages 2-up)

Dog and Bear: Tricks and Treats (Author, Illustrator) Laura Vaccaro Seeger (Ages 3-7)

Autumn Colors (Author, Illustrator) Laura Tovar (Ages 4-8)

Corduroy’s Best Halloween Ever! (Author) Don Freeman (Illustrator) Lisa McCue (Ages 4-8)

The Pumpkin Patch (Author) Margaret McNamara (Illustrator) Mike Gordon (Ages 4-6)

There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed Some Leaves! (Author) Lucille Colandro (Illustrator) Jared Lee (Ages 3-5)

Why Do Leaves Change Color? (Author) Betsy Maestro (Illustrator) Loretta Krupinski (Ages 4-8)

Leaves Fall Down (Author) Lisa Bullard (Illustrator) Nadine Takvorian (Ages 4-8)

P Is for Pumpkin: God’s Harvest Alphabet (Author) Kathy-jo Wargin (Illustrator) YaWen Ariel Pang (Ages 4-8)

The Runaway Pumpkin (Author) Kevin Lewis (Illustrator) S. D. Schindler (Ages 3-5)

Lucky Leaf (Author, Illustrator) Kevin O’Malley (Ages 4-7)

Duck & Goose, Find a Pumpkin (Author, Illustrator) Tad Hills (Ages 2-3)

Bad Apple: A Tale of Friendship (Author, Illustrator) Edward Hemingway (Ages 3-5)

Leaf Trouble (Author) Jonathan Emmett (Illustrator) Caroline Jayne Church (Ages 3-7)

Pumpkin Soup (Author, Illustrator) Helen Cooper (Ages 4-8)

Apple of my Eye (Author) Joceline Lee (Illustrator) Martin Murtonen (Ages 3-Up)

Too Many Pumpkins ( Author) Linda White (Illustrator) Megan LLoyd (Ages 5-Up)

Mouse’s First Fall (Author) Lauren Thompson (Illustrator) Buket Erdogan (Ages 2-4)

Hello, Harvest Moon (Author) Ralph Fletcher (Illustrator) Kate Kiesler (Ages 4-8)

On Halloween Night (Authors) Ferida Wolff, Dolores Kozielski (Illustrator) Dolores Avendano (Ages 4-Up)

Oliver Finds His Way (Author) Phyllis Root (Illustrator) Christopher Denise (Ages 2-5)

Free Fall (Author, Illustrator) David Wiesner (Ages 4-8)

Fall Leaves (Author) Loretta Holland (Illustrator) Elly MacKay (Ages 4-8)

County Fair (Author) Laura Ingalls Wilder (Illustrator) Jody Wheeler (Ages 4-8)

Twilight Comes Twice (Author) Ralph Fletcher (Illustrator) Kate Kiesler (Ages 4-8)

Autumn is Here! (Author, Illustrator) Heidi Pross Gray (Ages 2-Up)

By the Light of the Harvest Moon (Author) Harriet Ziefert (Illustrator) Mark Jones (Ages 4-8)

The Spooky Wheels on the Bus (Author) J. Elizabeth Mills (Illustrator) Ben Mantle (Ages 3-5)


By: Dawn Hoff, Book Kids