Book Club – Book of the Month – June

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“Epic battles between good and evil, fantastic creatures, betrayals, heroic deeds, and friendships won and lost all come together in this unforgettable world, which has been enchanting readers of all ages for over sixty years.” What world? Narnia.


In the wake of the end-of-school-year burnout, following a series of heavy book club reads and school required readings, we’ve decided that it’s time for some fun and adventure. Thus, we’ve selected C. S. Lewis’ timeless classic series, The Chronicles of Narnia as our June tweens-teens’ book club selection.  Many of our young readers have read the entire series, others have read some. This is an opportunity for everyone to get through all the books together and have much fun in the process. In order to make this month’s reading a bit more interesting, exciting, adventurous, and educational, we’ve added a few extras.

1. Activity Guide (Courtesy of Ingram Content group). We recommend incorporating this activity guide into the reading discussions. This activity guide is an excellent resource, consisting of four major components: Setting the Scene, Questions for Group Discussions, Discuss Quotes, and Journal Writings. It also includes several independent projects for individuals. While this is designed for classroom use, it can be used in any group or individual setting. Teachers, parents, you’d want to bookmark this. Here’s the link

2. Narnia Movies. We recommend integrating the Narnia movies into the reading process for both entertainment and educational purposes. Our “Using Movies as a Motivational Tool to Get Kids Reading” offers greater insights on this topic. Here’s the link.

3. Narnia Board Games. You can almost never go wrong with board games. Kids and adults love them, they can be entertaining and educational, and they work well as great family or group activities. These are great supplements to the reading process. These can be found at toy stores, bookstores, and online.

4. Theatrical Productions. Depending on dates, times, locations, availability, and price, one may or may not be able to attend a Narnia theatrical production. Nonetheless, the idea is definitely worth considering. Kids and adults love theatrical productions, and watching one such as this could be nothing less than magical.

5. Theme Parks’ Narnia Attractions. This goes hand-in-hand with theatrical productions. Again depending on the aforementioned, this may or may not be practical at the moment. However, it is once again an idea worth exploring. Check your local or national listings of theme parks and attractions.

This is just scratching the surface. There are many ways to make book club readings exciting and adventurous while still maintaining their educational aspect. These are just a few hand-picked suggestions to apply to this particular series. We welcome you to read along as we explore the world of Narnia. And as always, we love hearing your thoughts on books. You may leave a comment or two on this series or other books you are currently reading. Happy reading!

By Dawn Hoff, Book Kids














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